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Curious what brands will be joining us in the Carrier Showroom?

A Love So Rare
Firespiral Slings 
Gustine baby carriers
Handwoven Melodies
Kokoskaa – Wrap Factory
Oh Sew Baby
MH – Warped & Woven
Spectrum Handwovens
True North Ring Slings
Vanamo (Liinalapsi – Wearababy)
Va Va Valoom Handwoven
Whisper Wovens, LLC
Wonder Woven LLC
Zee Zen Woven Wraps

A short period of time remains for carriers to join us at UP! Send us an email at [email protected] if you would like a chance to display your product.


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My name is Marie-Jeanne Ndjana Bengono and I am the owner of MJB Design. I was born in Cameroon, I graduated from school in fashion design and have been a seamstress for over 15 years. MJB Design brings in unique creations as I take pride in designing trendy and comfortable fashion and carefully choose vibrant, rich, top quality fabric to execute my pieces. MJB Design offers clothing for children, women and men. MJB Design is your one stop for authenticity, uniqueness and quality products which are born from marrying fabric that exude joy and warmth with trendy and comfortable fashion!

[Image shows the vendor’s logo with the “MJB Design” letters printed in purple].


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Last Call !

The countdown is on to the UP Babywearing Conference!

A few more weeks remain for businesses to partner with our conference : space for promotional distribution, our carrier showroom, and a few remaining other supportive opportunities exist.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of UP.

Don’t see your favorite business participating? Make sure to tag them so they don’t miss out. 

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Who are the Beauty Bosses?

We are 3 babywearing mompreneurs who fell in love with LipSense! We look forward to sharing our fabulous long-lasting SeneGence cosmetics that won’t transfer onto your baby, your carriers or your ever-present coffee cup!


(Image features three woman each appearing in their own separate photo within the image. They are shown from the head only, and each woman is wearing a different lip color. The text “Beauty Bosses” is at the bottom of the image, and the images are set on a purple background).

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UP is honoured to feature the artwork of Mae Greyfrost of RootleTootle: The Art of Mae Greyfrost in our attendee delegate bags this Fall, thanks to the support of Moth and Moon Fibreworks.

We can’t wait for you to see the beautiful illustrations that have been created for the Conference. We hope Mae’s beautiful pages help keep our smaller attendees (and adults) busy during speaking sessions. (Boxed crayons will be provided too).

– RootleTootle: The Art of Mae Greyfrost –

I am an Autistic artist and Mama to one beautiful 2 year old.
My illustrations happen mostly when the little one sleeps, and feature Family and Nurturing images. Breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping and family portraits are some of my favourite things to paint, aside from mermaids and other fantastic creatures!
If you’d like to see more and keep up to date with all of my art, please feel free to like my facebook page:

or my instagram:

Lots of love and mermagic!
Mae Greyfrost, RootleTootle Illustrations



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Need a reminder of the vendors participating at UP?

Baby Tula

Beauty Bosses
Bébé urbain
Bebe Sachi
Blue Hibou

Boutique Planete Bebe
Cozy Cochon Knits
Dahlia wrap
Esther América Dance/Danse
Hike it Baby
Hug and Cuddles
Le Fil Dort
Little Red
Log Life: Rustic Creations for the Everyday
Lovely Little Acorns
Lucy Slykerman Handwovens and Textile Arts
MJB Design
Moon in the Pines Studio
Robbins Nest Weaving
Rock Lake Weaving
Seawater Weaving
Shearwater Weaving
Squeaky Monkey Kids
Way Through the Wilderness Handwovens
Wayward Wovens
Willow Tree Wovens


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Way Through the Wilderness Handwovens produces custom handwoven fabric tailored into baby wraps, accessories and home decor. Each piece created in my workshop is woven together with my passion to design special pieces that speak a unique story and touch the hearts of passengers that journey with me to see their ideas turned into textured reality.

I am so excited for a chance to meet you at UP! Please come by my table, I’d be so pleased to introduce myself and show you my products. Look forward to seeing you there!!



(image features a collage of 3 photos. One photo features a woman wearing a plaid coloured scarf with fringe. One photo show a vibrantly dyed wrap on the loom. The last photo features 4 caregivers wearing infants and one woman with her pregnant belly wrapped while standing in front of a frozen lake. The text “Way Throught the Wilderness” and “2017 InstaMag” also appear in the collage)

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At Lovely Little Acorns I create mama metal: strong, meaningful, handmade jewellery. These pieces are designed to be worn by adults, but small hands love to fidget with these beautiful and musical pieces. Necklaces and pendants are designed with safety and durability in mind. No longer does your beautiful jewellery need to be hidden away while parenting through the baby and toddler years in fear of it getting broken; these necklaces are tug-resistant and the interesting shapes and musical sounds keep small hands busy while eating, being worn or just held close. I love to work on custom designs to represent all aspects of motherhood: pregnancy, birth, adoption,nursing, babywearing, and beyond. I honour these stories of love and loss as meaningful, beautiful, wearable art. 


(image features the text “Lovely Little Acorns,” surrounded by a forest wreath in shades of green and brown. A pair of two blue birds sit together in the bottom of the wreath circle).

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Always innovating, and having worked as a children’s occupational therapist for many years, it was our great privilege in 2016 to treat a very special little person named Hayden, who had suffered a number of strokes while in utero. He was not mobile, weighed almost 60 pounds, was hypotonic, and wasn’t able to use adapted seats and strollers. When we came up with a resourceful solution in the form of an adapted carrier, his parents were finally able to follow their natural parenting instincts with a son who needed so much comfort. The carrier gave them all many moments of happiness during his last few months of life.

We were inspired by the determination of special-needs children to create an innovative carrying system that wasn’t available on the market. We were supported by the Canadian National Research Council and the Innovation Department of the Government of Quebec. We seeked the advice of experts through a professional consultation committee made up of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and medical doctors, in order to have a solid foundation for our project for handicapped children and able-bodied children alike. We also worked with an ingenious design and product development team from Laval University, who greatly contributed to the creation of our carrier.

Last but not least, we were able to obtain input from one of the best fashion textile designers in the industry. Our stylish, unique, patent-pending baby and child carrier will follow all safety recommendations and standards to ensure optimal welfare and development for children.

To show you just how innovative our product is, we would like to invite you to our keynote presentation at the UP Babywearing Conference on September 30.

We hope to see you there!
Marie-Eve Caron

(image features the letter Ü in bold black over gold, with the accompanying text “rethink generations” and “Bébe Urban Inc.” appearing underneath)

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Baby Tula is thrilled to be part of the first Up Babywearing Conference! Baby Tula is an industry-leading creator of baby carriers and other baby essentials. Their variety of carriers and products support families, while they do what they love with ease and style. Beyond their products, Baby Tula has grown to encompass a large community that celebrates bonding with their little ones and love expressing themselves. We look forward to chatting with the Tula Team and seeing what they plan to bring to Canada!

(Image features the face of an animal with its eyes closed, surrounded by a circle of orange. The words tula with the (r) symbol are underneath and within the orange circle).