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At Lovely Little Acorns I create mama metal: strong, meaningful, handmade jewellery. These pieces are designed to be worn by adults, but small hands love to fidget with these beautiful and musical pieces. Necklaces and pendants are designed with safety and durability in mind. No longer does your beautiful jewellery need to be hidden away while parenting through the baby and toddler years in fear of it getting broken; these necklaces are tug-resistant and the interesting shapes and musical sounds keep small hands busy while eating, being worn or just held close. I love to work on custom designs to represent all aspects of motherhood: pregnancy, birth, adoption,nursing, babywearing, and beyond. I honour these stories of love and loss as meaningful, beautiful, wearable art. 


(image features the text “Lovely Little Acorns,” surrounded by a forest wreath in shades of green and brown. A pair of two blue birds sit together in the bottom of the wreath circle).

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Always innovating, and having worked as a children’s occupational therapist for many years, it was our great privilege in 2016 to treat a very special little person named Hayden, who had suffered a number of strokes while in utero. He was not mobile, weighed almost 60 pounds, was hypotonic, and wasn’t able to use adapted seats and strollers. When we came up with a resourceful solution in the form of an adapted carrier, his parents were finally able to follow their natural parenting instincts with a son who needed so much comfort. The carrier gave them all many moments of happiness during his last few months of life.

We were inspired by the determination of special-needs children to create an innovative carrying system that wasn’t available on the market. We were supported by the Canadian National Research Council and the Innovation Department of the Government of Quebec. We seeked the advice of experts through a professional consultation committee made up of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and medical doctors, in order to have a solid foundation for our project for handicapped children and able-bodied children alike. We also worked with an ingenious design and product development team from Laval University, who greatly contributed to the creation of our carrier.

Last but not least, we were able to obtain input from one of the best fashion textile designers in the industry. Our stylish, unique, patent-pending baby and child carrier will follow all safety recommendations and standards to ensure optimal welfare and development for children.

To show you just how innovative our product is, we would like to invite you to our keynote presentation at the UP Babywearing Conference on September 30.

We hope to see you there!
Marie-Eve Caron

(image features the letter Ü in bold black over gold, with the accompanying text “rethink generations” and “Bébe Urban Inc.” appearing underneath)

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Baby Tula is thrilled to be part of the first Up Babywearing Conference! Baby Tula is an industry-leading creator of baby carriers and other baby essentials. Their variety of carriers and products support families, while they do what they love with ease and style. Beyond their products, Baby Tula has grown to encompass a large community that celebrates bonding with their little ones and love expressing themselves. We look forward to chatting with the Tula Team and seeing what they plan to bring to Canada!

(Image features the face of an animal with its eyes closed, surrounded by a circle of orange. The words tula with the (r) symbol are underneath and within the orange circle).

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The stigma of self care: How taking care of one’s self while caring for others improves mental health

The stigma of self care: How taking care of one’s self while caring for others improves mental health”

Cindy Wolfe is a clinical social worker with more than 17 years experience. She is registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, and is a member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers. She obtained her Master of Education (Counselling) degree in 2003 after receiving degrees in Political Science and Social Work. She has held positions in child welfare, outreach counselling, research, and treatment for trauma following motor vehicle collisions. For the last year, Cindy has worked in private practice, primarily working with clients struggling with anxiety, depression and PTSD. Prior to that, she worked for 11 years as a crisis counsellor with the Ottawa Police Service working with victims of crime and tragedy as well as their families.

As a mother and reluctantly “former” baby wearer (who does still wear her 5 year old on occasion), Cindy recognizes the stigma many caregivers place on themselves, often not acknowledging their need to protect their own mental health in a quest to be the ‘perfect’ parent. During this talk, Cindy will discuss the stigmas we face as caregivers, and what we can do to help break these stigmas and care for ourselves as we care for those around us.



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Hi! I’m Kristie, the weaver behind Seawater Weaving.

I have always enjoyed experimenting with various artforms and when I purchased my first loom in early 2016, I found a creative outlet that fit me perfectly. Being able to design weave structures, dream up colour combinations, dye fancy fibers, and see mental images materialize is the most enjoyable job ever! Pair with that the lovely moms and dads I have the pleasure of working with, and I cannot imagine ever doing anything else.

The Seawater Weaving name incorporates my 2 son’s initials, and signifies our family’s love for the ocean. If you are purchasing a wrap in the early fall, there is a very good chance that at least a portion of your wrap was either designed, measured, dyed or woven in our cottage on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean. This fall, we will be releasing a warp that was designed seaside, and I am incredibly excited to reveal it at the UP Conference.

If you are attending the conference, I sincerely hope that you will stop by the Seawater Weaving table to say hello, try a Seawater Weaving wrap or ringsling, and/or browse through the wrap scrap goodies that will be for sale. I hope to see all of you there!

– Kristie

[The image shows Seawater Weaving’s logo with the name underneath lines that represent ocean waves in different hues of blue].


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My story with Le Fil Dort started with learning to weave a few years ago.

When mydaughter was born, she was a little angel who loved to be held not only a little, but enormously in her mama’s arms. Thanks to her I discovered baby wearing, which was at first only a necessity, then turned into a passion over time.

Le Fil Dort presented itself as an evidence, bringing two passions together: baby wearing and weaving. I try to convey these passions when I weave each wrap I create. I love taking on challenges and after many conversations with my clients, we reach a common vision of what would be the perfect wrap!

The world of handwoven wraps is vast and possibilities may seem endless. I hope to have the chance to meet you, and who knows, maybe weave for you!


(Image features the bottoms of an infant’s feet, over a black background. The text “Le Fil Dort” appears to the left in yellow).

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We would like to welcome Va Va Valoom Handwoven as our Great Wrap Meet sponsor.

While Va Va Valoom will no longer have a table in the vendor hall, UP hopes that attendees will take the time to visit and wrap with her beautiful creations at the Great Wrap Meet. 

We thank Va Va Valoom for her continual support of our Conference.

A welcome post introducing our new bronze sponsor will follow within the next few days.


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Weaving, dyeing and babywearing are three things that we, at Robbins Nest Weaving, are most passionate about. Canadian owned and operated, our goal is to weave heirloom quality baby wraps that can be passed down from one generation to the next. Great care is taken at each step in the long process of turning simple undyed yarn into beautiful pieces of functional art. We truly love what we do and put love and care into each and every piece we make. 



(The image features a drawn bird’s nest containing three blue eggs. The text “” appears in blue underneath.)

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Session: Portage et diversité culturelle: mon parcours, mon héritage

My name is Bernadeth Betchi and I am 29 years old. I have been living in Canada for over twenty-five years but I am originally from a beautiful country in Africa called Cameroon. I was brought up in baby-wearing culture, a culture where wearing our children is natural and has been done organically for many many centuries. It is part of who we are and how we go about our daily activities.

Babywearing is part of my DNA and my identity. It has been passed on from generation to generation. I have vivid memories of wearing my younger brother when he was a baby. My mother taught me how to wear him on my back. I would use my mother’s pagnes to wear my brother and go about my day. Baby-wearing is about connection, an intimate relationship between two souls. It establishes a space where the parent and the baby are able to share experiences while creating a sense of security.

After having children, I re-discovered the joy of babywearing. I find myself looking in the mirror and imagining all of my ancestors doing the motions of wearing their children. I thank them for such a beautiful cultural practice. For the richness that it brings on a spiritual and emotional level.

Image credit to Sarah Scott Photo.

(Image features a scene of mothers, wearing infants, who are in dancing positions in the background in an outdoor setting. Bernadeth is pictured in the front and in the centre of the image. She is smiling at the camera while wearing a sleeping infant in a front carry).

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Hello UP participants, I am so excited for this event, and honoured to be a part of the action, as a vendor.

Located in the Ottawa Valley, Log Life: Rustic Creations for the Everyday is run by myself, Christine, with the help and support of my husband and two young children. We live in the inspiration behind the name: an old log house, on a large wooded lot.

The business was started in the summer of 2016, when I decided to begin selling some of the creations I had been making at the time: starting with Tiny Knots, my handmade sheepskin slippers. I have always had a passion for making, crafting and getting creative, and love extending this into custom pieces for others to enjoy. My passion for natural and beautiful materials is what encouraged me to wrap my daughter: Handwovens had me at first touch!

My booth will focus on natural fibre slippers, in short and babywearing height. I will also have some wrap scrap items for the littles in your life, and some wrap width ladders. I look forward to meeting, chatting wraps, and getting those precious little feet fitted for warmth this winter!

(Image features 3 pairs of knit booties in a line on a wood floor. The booties are in the colors blue, cream and brown).