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See you soon!

At long last – the salon de portage UP Canadian Babywearing Conference arrives in Ottawa this weekend!

UP wishes each and every one of you safe travels to Ottawa, and look forward to meeting and spending time with each of you over the next few days.

For those contemplating a last minute trip, we would love to have you join us! Tickets are available at the door – and we have some really amazing prizes you don’t want to miss!

See you soon!

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Door Prizes

Curious about the UP door prizes and what exactly is available to ticket holders?

Below is an up to the moment list of what is up for grabs.

A Love So Rare – 6 wrap scrap pillows
Chotobaby Inc. – moby wrap sling
Daiesu – 2 wraps, one ring sling, items to be handed out via Daiesu to babywearing libraries
Firespiral Slings – 2 wraps
Hug and Cuddles – one wrap
LennyLamb – wrap, 3 bags, Onbuhimo
LittleFrog Woven Wraps – 2 ring slings, one wrap
lovaloom – one wrap
Lucy Slykerman Handwovens and Textile Arts – scarf
MOBY Wrap – stretchy wrap
Oh Sew Baby – one wrap
Pacific Northwest Wovens – one wrap
PinkNova – one wrap and one scarf
POPPY & DAVE – one ring sling
Soul – 5 carriers, to be handed out to representatives / owners of lending libraries
Tekhni – one wrap
True North Ring Slings – one ring sling
Walking Hut Keepsakes – 22 pieces of wrap scrap jewelry
Wrapsody: The Wraparound Baby Carrier – A Hybrid, a breeze, a duo, a ring sling, a dress, an accessories package
Zee Zen Woven Wraps – (info to come)


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Coffee Break Sponsor – Queen Hatter

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea!
If this is tea, please bring me some coffee!

Who has time for such nonsense?

Be sure to stop by the vendor hall following our opening session Saturday to enjoy some tea and coffee provided by Queen Hatter at MH Warped & Woven.

Even better as you sip on your coffee or tea, take a photograph, post it to Instagram and tag yourself with QueenHatter for the chance to win a FFS (free for shipping) wrap scrap creation from MH Warped & Woven.

(The image features a mother and her two daughters outdoors. The mother is sitting at a “tea table” while wearing one of her daughters in a purple and pink coloured wrap. The older daughter is standing at the table and pouring “tea” while wearing a fancy costume. Another predominately blue coloured wrap is draped over the other chair at the table).

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Hello – from Tamara

Hello! My name is [namesign “T” on temple of head], [fingerspell] “TAMARA”. And this is Baby Kaia, she doesn’t have a namesign yet.

I am looking forward to going to the UP Babywearing Conference next month in Ottawa. Why? Of course, to meet other parents that have the same interests as I do – babywearing. Some of them I’ve chatted with or contacted online but have never met them in person before. We will finally meet in person. So, I’m excited about that.
Also, another reason why I’m excited about going to the conference is I love seeing beautiful babywearing products such as wraps, ring slings, carriers like this [points to TULA carrier). Really exciting!

Another reason which I feel is very important. There, we can exchange and share information, ideas, thoughts on how to improve the community in general, to be more accessible. Like me, for example, I’m Deaf. My frustration is with the vlogs and live videos on Facebook without subtitles or transcriptions provided, to read what is being said in the videos. I know we have been trying to share information and encourage everyone to provide more accessibility for people like me and others like people with low vision or DeafBlind people. Example, they need clear backgrounds like this wall [points to wall behind]. We often see videos that aren’t visually clear or backgrounds are not clear, the lighting is dark, etc. Try to make it more visually accessible. At the conference, there is one important presentation you guys should go and watch. I feel this is very important.
As for me, I’m too shy to get on a stage and give a presentation. So I hope to make an impact through socializing, help make people think about how to better provide visual accessibility to people like me. Plus, that important presentation there at the UP conference, hoping to influence change for the better. Hope you will go there, watch the presentation, and I’ll see you there! BYE!

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VENDOR-Boutique Planète Bébé

Being a mother first… is indeed my greatest and most beautiful passion! 11 years ago, I quickly feel in love with baby wearing and adopted it as a healthy lifestyle. Carrying my children has filled me on all points. It was the best way to experience motherhood the way I felt it. I founded Boutique Planète Bébé 8 years ago to create a very special place for families with the aim of making babywearing fully accessible to all, sharing all the benefits of proximal nurturing, accompanying new parents, all in full respect of each and everyone’s values.

(Image features a large group shot of caregivers wearing infants/toddlers and older children. They are pictured indoors in a mall space and standing in front of a store front with signage for “Boutique Planète Bébé”).

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Day and weekend pass holders to UP will each head home with a delegate bag.

While we’ve given you a peek at the beautiful tea towels from Firespiral Slings that will be in the first 150 tickets purchased bags – and the amazing Dahlia wrap totes going home with the first 50 to check in – we would like to acknowledge the other businesses whose materials you will find included in the bags:

A Love So Rare 
Beauty Bosses
DIY Babywearing Supplies
Hug and Cuddles
Infinity Chiropractic & Wellness Centre
Lucy Slykerman Handwovens and Textile Arts
RootleTootle: The Art of Mae Greyfrost & Moth and Moon Fibreworks

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Hug and Cuddles is beyond thrilled to be a sponsor of the Up Babywearing Conference. We advertise with the phrase “Babywearing is our business, passion is our motivation,” because we live and teach what we sell.

Although we stock many options for the “collector,” our objective is to provide affordable carrier options and to reach new babywearers. As such, we carry options around and under $100. For those that appreciate variety, we carry over 20 brands!

Our second goal is to ensure that our clients are happy with their selection. We are available to help trouble shoot any issues following purchase. My greatest fear as a retailer is that someone may purchase a carrier and not end up reaching for it because it intimidates them.

You can follow us on Instagram @hugandcuddles
Facebook: Hug and Cuddles

And if you are looking for chatter, come and join our Facebook chatter group

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Are you a babywearing leader or educator, or member of the babywearing community interested in hosting a speaking session at Up? Do you work in a child-related field and have a topic you’d be interested in speaking about? We are now accepting applications for session topics and speakers on a variety of subjects.

We have a commitment to inclusivity and diversity, and look forward to reviewing all applications. Please send your submission or any questions to our page inbox, or email us at [email protected] We will respond to confirm receipt or answer any questions!

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Dates and location announced!

Mark your calendars – UP is coming to the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre, September 30 and October 1, 2017!

Pre-sale ticketing information will be available soon.

Sponsor and vendor partners are now being accepted for this exciting event. Send us a page message for more information on our vendor and sponsorship opportunities or check out our page link below.