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Coffee Break Sponsor – Queen Hatter

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea!
If this is tea, please bring me some coffee!

Who has time for such nonsense?

Be sure to stop by the vendor hall following our opening session Saturday to enjoy some tea and coffee provided by Queen Hatter at MH Warped & Woven.

Even better as you sip on your coffee or tea, take a photograph, post it to Instagram and tag yourself with QueenHatter for the chance to win a FFS (free for shipping) wrap scrap creation from MH Warped & Woven.

(The image features a mother and her two daughters outdoors. The mother is sitting at a “tea table” while wearing one of her daughters in a purple and pink coloured wrap. The older daughter is standing at the table and pouring “tea” while wearing a fancy costume. Another predominately blue coloured wrap is draped over the other chair at the table).