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Hello – from Tamara

Hello! My name is [namesign “T” on temple of head], [fingerspell] “TAMARA”. And this is Baby Kaia, she doesn’t have a namesign yet.

I am looking forward to going to the UP Babywearing Conference next month in Ottawa. Why? Of course, to meet other parents that have the same interests as I do – babywearing. Some of them I’ve chatted with or contacted online but have never met them in person before. We will finally meet in person. So, I’m excited about that.
Also, another reason why I’m excited about going to the conference is I love seeing beautiful babywearing products such as wraps, ring slings, carriers like this [points to TULA carrier). Really exciting!

Another reason which I feel is very important. There, we can exchange and share information, ideas, thoughts on how to improve the community in general, to be more accessible. Like me, for example, I’m Deaf. My frustration is with the vlogs and live videos on Facebook without subtitles or transcriptions provided, to read what is being said in the videos. I know we have been trying to share information and encourage everyone to provide more accessibility for people like me and others like people with low vision or DeafBlind people. Example, they need clear backgrounds like this wall [points to wall behind]. We often see videos that aren’t visually clear or backgrounds are not clear, the lighting is dark, etc. Try to make it more visually accessible. At the conference, there is one important presentation you guys should go and watch. I feel this is very important.
As for me, I’m too shy to get on a stage and give a presentation. So I hope to make an impact through socializing, help make people think about how to better provide visual accessibility to people like me. Plus, that important presentation there at the UP conference, hoping to influence change for the better. Hope you will go there, watch the presentation, and I’ll see you there! BYE!